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According to the IUCN - World Conservation Unions Cycad Specialist Group, cycads represent one of the most threatened plant groups in the world. More than half of the 320+ species are threatened or endangered. As the motto above indicates, the Cycad Society (TCS) is dedicated to the conservation of cycads through the promotion of education and scientific research. Each year, TCS strives to award at least one grant to support conservation, research and/or education. Click here for information on TCSs grant program.

TCS was started in 1977, and many of the charter members are still with the society. In 1999, the board of directors met during the 5th International Conference on Cycad Biology (CYCAD 99) in an attempt to reinvigorate the society. Ever since 1999, the board has actively strived to improve the society and increase member benefits. Two of the most important benefits of TCS membership are the Cycad Newsletter and the Cycad Society Seedbank.

Members are encouraged to become involved in the society, and a good place to start is by contributing to the Cycad Newsletter. If you have any landscape photos, questions, or tips/tools to contribute, please send them to c.nazor@earthlink.net. We will make every effort to get your material put into an issue of the newsletter. Click here for more information on member involvement.

Another way that members can get involved is by serving on a committee. Click here to see the existing standing committees, open positions, and committee responsibilities.

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Cycad Day

Every year, the Cycad Society hosts a member meeting and Cycad Day in a different area of the country. Each event includes one or more educational presentations and an auction, which is the primary fundraiser for the society each year.

Cycad Day 2016 was held at Avery Island, Lousiana, on Saturday, November 19. As in previous years, Cycad Day was held in association with our annual board meeting at Avery Island on Sunday, November 20. The address for Avery Island is as follows:

Rip Van Winkle Gardens
5505 Rip Van Winkle Road
New Iberia, LA 70560

Cycad Day consisted of a series of lectures about cycads, a catered lunch, and a plant auction. All proceeds benefitted the Cycad Society, Inc., a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Click here for information on current and past events.

CYCAD 2015

Every three years, the IUCN/SSC Cycad Specialist Group hosts a week-long conference on cycad biology in a different country. CYCAD 2015 was the 10th International Conference on Cycad Biology held in Medellín, Colombia. The Cycad Society was a proud sponsor of CYCAD 2015. Click here for information.

Educational Resources

The Cycad Society has developed some helpful new educational resources for cycad enthusiasts. Some of these are provided below.

Cycad Focus Articles

One of the consistent components of the Cycad Newsletter since the September 2002 issue (Vol. 25, No. 3) has been the "Cycad Focus" column, in which a different species of cycad is highlighted in each issue. These columns typically feature taxonomical, horticultural, phenological, and other information on the respective 'target' species. Visit the "Newsletter" page for more information, to see the list of species addressed to date, and to read some of the focus articles.

IUCN Red List

All throughout 2010, the IUCN Red List website featured a different threatened or endangered "Species of the Day". Below are the cycads that were highlighted:

Glossary of Cycad Terms

In 2009, TCS developed an expanded glossary of more than 1,200 cycad terms (using the Glossary of Terms Encountered in Cycad Systematics provided in Walters & Osborne [2004] as a foundation) as well as a fully illustrated glossary of more than 500 of these terms using cycad-specific examples. Click here for more information.

Etymological Compendium of Cycad Names

Also in 2009, TCS compiled a list of the etymologies (= meanings) of all currently accepted cycad names. Click here to view this etymological compendium.

Species Description Database

We have assembled a database of original descriptions of more than 180 cycad species. Click here.

Cycads in Habitat

Jody Haynes, TCS Director & Webmaster, created an online slide show entitled "The Cycads I Have Seen". Click here to view the slideshow.

Cycad Pollinators

Jody Haynes, TCS Director & Webmaster, created a short video of Rhopalotria mollis pollinator weevils on a male Zamia furfuracea x floridana cone. Click here to view the video.(5 Mb)

Keys to the Species of Ceratozamia & Dioon

Below are two posters that TCS has sponsored. Click each poster to view.

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