Cycad Day 2012

The Cycad Society (TCS) has only one board meeting each year, and it is always scheduled in a different part of the country (or occasionally a different country). The 2012 board meeting was held on Friday, August 3, at the San Diego Botanic Garden (SDBG) in San Diego, CA. Each year TCS also hosts a special "Cycad Day" event on the Saturday following the board meeting, and Cycad Day 2012 was on Saturday, August 4, also at SDBG.

Mini Cycad Symposium

The day began with the following educational presentations:

  1. Jeff Chemnick: "The Cycads of Mexico Rarely Seen in Habitat"

  2. Paul Sternberg: Part 1: "An Encounter with Poachers in Habitat"; Part 2: "Rapid Changes in the Memorial Cycad specimen of Encephalartos middelburgensis"

  3. Alberto Taylor: "The long trek to Zamia lindleyi (1851-2012)"

  4. W. Walton Wright: "Cycads & Cycadeoids: The 'Cycads': What Are We Talking About?"

    Walt has one of the largest, if not the largest, petrified wood collections in the world. He has come to study paleobotany as a botanist, looking at the fossil plants from the same perspective he would today’s living plants, but framing that view in the context of geologic time, plate tectonics, adaptation, survival, and extinction. The specimens on display are but a small sample of the material to be found around the world. What are the specimens? What is their structure? How are they related? Where are they from? Walt has traveled the world looking at collections and collecting. Come along for a venture through moments in time past.

  5. Karen Sternberg: "South African Cycads - 'the tragedy of cycads in the wild is that they are free for the taking'. Is it too late to save them?"

We then had lunch followed by an auction led by Mr. Jeff Chemnick.


Each year, Cycad Day represents an important opportunity for TCS to increase membership and to raise money for worthy cycad research and conservation grants. One of the ways we generate funding for projects is through our annual auctions.

Cycad Species

Below is a brief list of species that were available at the Cycad Day 2012 auction.

  • Dioon edule 'Jacala'

  • Dioon mejiae

  • Dioon spinulosum

  • Encephalartos horridus

  • Encephalartos horridus 'Dwarf'

  • Encephalartos transvenosus

  • Encephalartos transvenosus X woodii
  • Lepidozamia peroffskyana

  • Macrozamia communis

  • Zamia furfuracea

  • Zamia inermis

  • Zamia variegata

Cycad Prints

We also had five incredible cycad prints donated by world-famous cycad artist and author, Douglas Goode. The prints are shown below:

Cycad Books

Loran Whitelock attended the Cycad Day event and graciously offered to individually sign and dedicate a copy of his book The Cycads to the highest bidder in the auction.


TCS got permission to use the logo of the now-defunct Fossil Cycad National Monument on our Cycad Day t-shirts (see below). Shirts were $20 each at the event.



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