Cycad Society Seedbank

Garrie Landry is the new Cycad Society Seedbank Coordinator. He is in charge of putting together periodic seed lists and distributing the seeds to interested members. Garrie will also report periodic updates of the activities of the seedbank in the newsletter.

The Cycad Society Seedbank has been able to offer some really interesting cycad seeds in recent years, many of which are rarely if ever seen in the trade. The seedbank never reveals the sources of its seeds, and because of this we have been successful in obtaining some extremely rare seeds for our members.

Unfortunately, due to CITES and other regulations, the seedbank is unable to send CITES Appendix I seeds to overseas members. Appendix I cycads are as follows: all Ceratozamia species, Cycas beddomei, all Encephalartos species, Microcycas calocoma, and Stangeria eriopus.

The Cycad Society Seedbank is always looking for new seed sources. If you are interested in donating seeds to the seedbank, please contact Garrie using the e-mail below.

The seed list is available to Cycad Society members in good standing via snail mail (you will need to provide self-addressed, stamped, business style envelopes) and/or via a special online e-mail list. Please contact Garrie for more information regarding joining the online e-mail list.

Placing a Seed Order

Seed orders may be made by phone, fax, or e-mail. Payment must be made in US dollars by US or international cashiers check, US or international money order, or via PayPal. Please contact Garrie for additional instructions.

Garrie Landry
Cycad Society Seedbank Director

Additional Important Information & Disclaimers

  • All international shipments will only be CITES Appendix II seeds.

  • All international shipments must have the information clearly stating the requirements of your particular country as to how the seeds are shipped (clean or not cleaned) and how the package must be marked as to the contents.

  • TCS tries to provide the best quality seeds at reasonable prices. However, there is no warranty expressed or implied on the germination rate or seed being true to the advertised name (we simply offer seeds based on the name given to us by the seed suppliers).

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